How to Optimize a Website According Google Updates

Website owners and masters are constantly struggling hard to come up on top in search engine results and to beat their competition. They have been facing problems and are amidst hectic activities to correct them since 2013 is a year of updates from Google.  It has been releasing one after another updates without giving webmasters time to adjust. On the whole numerous websites are affected due to these Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates of Google. Hence it is imperative to design and develop a strong strategy for improving SEO performance.

1. Importance of Content

As we all know ‘Content is king’, we must not decorate the king with shabby clothes. It must be kept in mind that content must be informative, purposeful and clear. It must satisfy the readers and their needs. All other content that are less in quality have met with due punishment by Panda updates.

Hummingbird insists on mobile optimization of websites. This is the first update that concentrates on mobile content. No need to explain the importance of mobile usage since we are all under smart phone influence only. According to SEO Experts the coming year 2014 will belong to mobile SEO. Professionals in this field are totally geared up to that future trend. More than half of US have already shifted to smart phones and tablets.

All websites must get optimized to mobiles in order to get a place in the search engine results. To come up on top of the results and to have good page ranks, quality mobile optimization will be the key point hereafter.

Hence, the whole gist of hummingbird update is that websites must first be compatible to mobile usage and then to the big screens.

Strategies for content preparation to satisfy Hummingbird:

  • Need based content: Understand why customer wants your service or product and what he needs further. Present your content to satisfy these; target your content to the customer needs, whether it provides all information he is in search of and whether it is clearly understood.Unconnected or non-relevant content gives out poor results. Visitors come to your website with certain expectations that have been created by you through site name, keywords, article title and description and other such matters and when they come across something very different to their expectations they will be very disappointed and very soon your site will be in poor condition with nobody turning upon.Hence, content with purpose, keeping in mind your users’ psychology and interest, is the needed thing to get on top of Google results.
  • Smart use of Analytics: Use Google Analytics tools intelligently and find out the pulse of the customers who visit your website. This will further help you to tune and optimize your website and satisfy more number of visitors.
  • Different forms of content: Distribute your content on various forms without restricting it only to written form. Graphics, short videos, animations, eBooks and whitepaper – all are content to make the presentation interesting. Visual treatment is the most wanted thing in this modern world. As per the saying ‘thousand words are equal to one picture’ graphics and video inclusions in content is very much appreciated. They are effective and efficient.   
  • Language usage: The words used to describe things must be clear and the style must be straight forward and compact. This is greatly emphasized in Hummingbird updates. Instead of using keywords quite often you must use synonyms and what people expect.  
  • Social media embedding: Use the share buttons of social media in your content to enable the users to share them easily.
  • Present with Identification:  Have proper identification of yourself and your company and let clients know who you are and what you do by having company logo, brand and objectives.Brand popularization must be done along with your every effort in digital marketing. This will bring a sense of completeness to the business making it easy for the clients to identify you among your other competitors in the field.
  • Sales Supportive Content: According to Google Hummingbird, your content must in no way be an obstacle; instead it must support your sales activities.

2. Role of Social Media:

It has been found out that business owners, to be successful, must be active in at least minimum seven of social media networks. It is no longer useful in being an active member of a single social media network. The recent decades have witnessed the rise of social media networks and it is a pity if business owners miss to use the opportunity and its power to improve their sales and marketing.

Face book and Twitter, the mega networks, are now followed closely by other micro networks like Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Hence according to the latest trend digital marketing depends on diversification of these networks.

3. Presence on Google+ :

It is not only important to be active in social medias but also in Google plus.  Google updates will always target upon good content and hence focus more on Google + To get ranking in the search engine results Google + participation is a must.  This unwritten truth has been found out recently by the SEO experts.  Establish authorship in Google + and the +1 addups contribute a lot towards author rank and SERPs.

2. Guest Blogging

Getting quality inbound links and brand exposure along with traffic are achieved by Guest Blogging. These features are very much important to improve and to popularize your website in the wide presence of web. At the same time it may bring along misfortunes of getting penalized by Google if you link your site with some poor spam sites. The quality of the website with which you have linked must be standard and have content of very high quality.


Of course the basics always remain the same. However, web masters must be alert and update themselves with the right Google updates and immediately make changes in their websites to reflect the effects. To be a successful Digital marketing expert, learn the Google updates and implement them at the earliest to your clients’ websites.

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